Maintaining Focus and Energy in your Office Space

Effective and efficient office space defines how we work and how we perform. Are we focused, and able to concentrate? How can we collaborate and transform our work space to a creative, colorful, and productive one?

Staying focussed and weeding out distractions at times is an unfortunate and herculean task. But, we can find ways by giving people opportunity to take breaks from tasks and keep energy levels high.  There should be soft corners in offices where people can unwind and recharge themselves.

At times it becomes necessary to send out ‘do not disturb’ signals to people who interrupt flowing creative stream of thoughts. Managers should be aware that communicating frequently and not letting people concentrate hampers productivity.

Letting people work from alternate workplaces and giving them flexibility and autonomy is essential and maintains work-life balance too. It is equally important to bring in vulnerability and share emotions at workplace.

However, the Gensler’s national 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey found that increasingly common open floor office design can lead to workers being distracted and losing focus — and therefore reducing productivity. To change that the Gensler’s finding suggests that while the actual office space can be open, let the employees make a choice of space that they will operate from giving them a focus area when needed and as well as an open office for collaborative meetings.

Designing and creating user friendly and flexible workspaces strategically empowers employees, enhances their well-being, creativity and engagement and also allows businesses to grow.

Culture rich workspaces that give equal importance to its human resource and its possessions will surely transform dull and boring office spaces to stress free dynamic one. You could try and use colors, music and furniture based on local geographic culture.  Effective use of spaces for individual employees, meeting rooms, lunch areas should all eventually lead to better productivity and focus

Expert guidance on location strategy for designing and developing creative workplaces is sure to avoid pitfalls. And identifying the need to create office spaces where people want to go and work and make best use of their skills will take you to the top.

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